The HTML Writers Guild is one of the world's leading organizations for HTML design originators. Founded in January of 1995, the Guild is designed to serve the informational, educational, and support needs of its members. In its first year of operation, membership in the HTML Writers Guild has reached over 5,000 members in 40 countries worldwide. The HTML Writers Guild continues to grow as the World Wide Web medium becomes more and more established as an alternative to print and other mass marketing media. The HTML Writers Guild membership ranges from top of the line professionals and industry leaders in the HTML field to those just starting out and looking for a place to learn. Guild members have created a wide range of sophisticated documents covering every aspect of the field including online publications, catalogs, newsletters, promotional materials and brochures among others. These documents are as unique and diverse as the members themselves. The focus of the The HTML Writers Guild is on the the World Wide Web publishing process as controlled by the HTML markup language. The services offered by The HTML Writers Guild are invaluable to HTML authors of all skill levels who use all current operating systems. Guild members work in enriched computing enviroments, requiring the very latest technology in hardware, software and peripherals. The HTML Writers Guild helps you to stay on top of the real and ever-changing issues of HTML publishing that affect the way that you make your living. We respond to to the changing needs of our members and the evolving power of the World Wide Web. We are your central resource for information, support services, and much more.





























by Uwe